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We were certified the first green business in Moss Landing by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. Here at the Captain's Inn at Moss Landing, we are striving to do our part to help with the care of our planet. While we certainly are not perfect, we are incorporating practices into our operation; we built responsibly; and we offer "green" options to our guests. We have an environmental ethic and do what we can to share this with our staff and guests. Below is just a sampling of the green choices we make and have invested in.

highway cleanups

Steps Taken by the Captain's Inn

  • Restored and Recycled a historical building
  • We have adopted and clean up a two mile stretch of Coastal Highway One for CalTrans. We pick up all of the trash on both sides of the highway, at least once a month, for over 6 years.
  • Cleaned site of historical materials like lead paint and contained them
  • Property is landscaped with mostly native plants (many genetically native) and drought resistance plants. Much of landscaping is under drip irrigation system. Soils for landscaping obtained from recycled materials at our local dump.
  • Energy efficient and rated hot water systems, refrigeration, freezers, wall heaters, and fireplace systems. Natural air conditioning (windows and fans) with reduced energy use.
  • Using botanical and no phosphate cleaners where ever and whenever possible.
  • Low wattage and CFL bulbs in most locations. Lights on timers to reduce use. We use low level outdoor lights to minimize light pollution at night.
  • Decorating and furnishing interiors with antiques rather than brand new. Using what were abandoned boats in interiors and exterior decor. We reused old windows and created mirrors.
  • Decorative fountains recycle flow and do not have chemicals so birds can use this for drinking.
  • All buildings are fully insulated and with double pane windows to reduce heating and cooling needs.
  • Chose recycled materials during construction such as hardiplank boards for siding, re-used redwood studs, recycled fencing materials, reused hardware such as doorknobs and hinges, and historical bricks cleaned and re-used.
  • We sort and recycle materials used at the inn including aluminum, glass, plastic, cardboard, and paper. Each guest room has a recycle bag (also recycle item) to use to separate their recyclables into. Also the dining room and kitchen have recycle bins. We separate plant material such as cutting from landscaping for recycling.
  • This year 2009, we have partnered with Monterey County Environmental Health Department under a US Department of Conservation grant to improve recycling at lodging establishments. We participated in new sorting systems, education training for us and staff, and have set even higher goals to reduce trash.
  • Water conservation measures are in place and include lowflow toilets, lowflow shower heads, and efficient dishwasher and clotheswasher. Further our guests help choose, as we only replace towels/linens as requested and when needed - rather than every single day. We sweep more often than wash down the yard. We try to repair all leaks in a timely manner. We pay into a sewer system that recycles flow through tertiary treatment for reuse by industrial landscape.
  • We make efforts to use locally grown produce and dairy, and organics as much as is feasible.
green certificate blue eyed grass

we use green products

ceonothus blossoming

sea hare on wetland tour

native horsetail and berry

Picking up highway litter

pge award
  • We support local non-profits that invest in the preservation of wild open spaces around our community. This support goes to groups like the Elkhorn Slough Foundation, The Nature Conservancy. the Friends of Moss Landing Marine Labs, and others.
  • Employee training program on recycling, conservation, safe environmental practices, and appreciation of wildlife.
  • We provide places for travelers by bike. We rent bikes to those who want to explore our area without a car.
  • We keep and use a composting box
  • We emphasize wildlife experiences and understanding for our guests and ourselves. We focus on environmental protection and education concerning our local wetlands such as those behind our backyard and the greater Elkhorn Slough watershed. Our guests experieince sea otters, whales, birds, local flora and beautiful open expanses. We and our staff take part and support efforts like the Coastal Clean Up days at the local beaches and the weeding of non-natives from the marsh and dunes; and we invite our guests to join in.

Environmental stewardship is an ongoing proposition, and there will always be new challenges with new steps to take. As an independent, small business we try to do the best we can with our limited resources, and we will continue the journey.

avocet bird on wetland tour

For more information about the Captain's Inn, or the Moss Landing area and all the many things to see and do here, be sure to visit the home page.

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